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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein.

Vutivi.com is intended to be an easy to use and versatile online school that is being designed to promote interest in Physics, Mathematics and Technology in young people. Given all the things that have been made possible as a consequence of studies in the field of science, most people would very easily agree that scientific knowledge is worth preserving.

By means of this website, we wish to inspire more than just a sense of respect for the field of science and technology but to help many people discover their inborn love for it. Why be interested in science?

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The beauty of our universe demands curiosity from us.

Well, the real question is, why on earth would you not be interested in science? The universe is so irresistibly beautiful and challenging enough to keep us all busy trying to figure it out. It would truly be a waste of brain resources to go through life without ever trying to apply our minds to solve the mysteries of our very beautiful universe.

Just imagine it, our own heads are home to the most advanced computer systems that our great men and women of science are yet to unravel and they are built most specially that we should analyze and figure things out. Really, then, is it not backward to deliberately choose to under-use our extremely powerful brains? In my opinion, that would be very weird;

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Our brains are the most advanced computers man has ever known. They were designed to analyse and figure things out.

Obviously, not all who have the opportunity to read this may wish to agree with it. For those of you young people out there who would like to take your minds for a spin, we hope that Vutivi.com will be just the sort of thing you have been waiting for. We wish you the best experience getting to know the universe better through the use of our website.

Have fun!